MedAdaptics closes the gap in specialty pharmacy medication management by enabling visibility into the patient's home and providing real-time guidance to the entire care team.

The heart of the MedAdaptics system is “response-guided medication therapy,” evaluating patient behavior and toxicity patterns in real time and automating treatment guidance.  In addition, the MedAdaptics system bridges the healthcare gap between the patient’s home, caregivers, pharmacy and physician’s office by simultaneously updating the care team when events occur and facilitating shared decision-making.

Disease State Analysis

Patient data is collected and analyzed using medication specific rules developed by practicing physicians.

Risk Management

Built-in intelligent interventions, using alerts and guidance, help keep patients on their drug therapy while optimizing the care team’s time and effort.

Care Team Collaboration

Patient reporting, which takes seconds, uses an intuitive survey process.‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌