How it Works

MedAdaptics Infographic - Verrsion 3

Disease State Analysis

Disease State AnalysisPatient data is collected and analyzed using medication specific rules developed by practicing physicians.  Real-time and continuous data analysis considers things like dose reductions and increases, as well as toxic reaction trends like abdominal pain and fatigue, increasing or subsiding. What’s more, non-intrusive health sensors from various manufacturers can be seamlessly integrated with MedAdaptics to analyze behavior (for example open pill box) and physiological data including heart rate, body temperature, and stress.

Risk Management

Risk ManagementBuilt-in intelligent interventions, using alerts and guidance, help keep patients on their drug therapy while optimizing the care team’s time and effort.  Robust auditing of care progress includes what the patient reported as well as any event triggered by the analytics engine. Alerts are structured by risk level, disease type, and toxic reaction. Role-based and healthcare industry-standard guidance is coupled with any alert.  There is automatic data persistence, security and compliance with HIPAA standards.

Care Team Collaboration

Care Team CollaborationPatient reporting, which takes seconds, uses an intuitive survey process. Patients simply make selections related to medication compliance, overall health status, and side effects. There are automatic medication reminders along with prescription instructions and images to assist with adherence. Shared decision-making within the care team is facilitated by using microblogging: posting short notes and comments.