Our Solution

MedAdaptics response-guided medication therapy service is architected to support various diseases including cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, hepatitis C, and HIV.  Contact MedAdaptics for more information about current disease support.



MedAdaptics enables specialty pharmacies to deliver frontline interventions to keep patients on medication therapy and help drive down healthcare costs.  MedAdaptics integrates with existing specialty pharmacy processes while improving and differentiating care through real time patient data capture and analysis.  Using MedAdaptics, pharmacy professionals raise the bar concerning patient safety and quality of care by instantly understanding patient status and quickly managing medication side-effects.

Healthcare Provider

hospital iconMedAdaptics ensures healthcare continuity after the patient leaves the doctor’s office. Physicians and nurses, at any point in time, instantly understand the patient’s health status and possible next steps.  MedAdaptics promotes compliance with disease management pathways through real time disease state analysis, toxic reaction and pain monitoring, and line of therapy guidance.


Misc-Home-iconMedAdaptics supports specialty patients that wish to improve their quality of life and optimize outcome by providing an engaging and intelligent platform for enhanced self-care.  Motivated by the seriousness of their illnesses, MedAdaptics allows specialty patients to continuously participate in their care by capturing critical health information at any moment in time  and ensuring the entire care team has current information and guidance.